Wansa Washers and Dryers

Conserve Water & Save!
Wansa washers use state-of-the-art technology that limits the amount of water & thereby the amount of detergents used in each wash cycle. That’s three advantages in one! – Conserve water, save the environment & save money on unnecessary water & detergent bills.

Power Savings
Wansa energy efficient motors used in washing machines ensures that there is always enough power to wash your clothes thoroughly, but never excessive power to cause expensive electricity bills!

Rugged Engineering
Wansa washing machines have been stress tested for durability. The robust build & the use of modern-day technology materials ensure that the Wansa machines are built for heavy duty domestic work while ensuring that each wash remains like the first wash

Washer User Tips

  • Washing & drying clothes at lower temperatures reduces fabric damage caused by high heat & excessive detergent use.
    Washing machines are designed to be used on solid flooring, like concrete. Severe internal suspension damages
    can occur if used on unstable flooring.
  • Always consult the washing label on your clothes to ensure that you use the right setting, not only does this prevent damage to your clothes, but it also saves the environment.
  • Set the wash & rinse temperature dials on your washer. Add your clothes last!
  • Be sure not to overload your washing machine.
  • Leaving space for your clothing & detergent to move freely during the wash cycle ensures that stains & soil will be released & removed from your garments.

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