Wansa Cookers, Grills & Table Top Cooking Appliances

Table Top Cooking Appliances
Wansa cookers come with TRB (Triple Ring Burners). In a TRB the flame comes in three concentric rings. This gives more uniform heating & a larger flame area suitable for larger vessels & for foods which have to be cooked directly over a direct flame
Wansa cookers now come equipped with FSS (Fire Safety System). The FSS operates by cutting off the cooking gas supply when the flame is blown out. Using FSS fitted Wansa cookers you get added protection from health hazards & fires caused by gas leaks.
Microwave Ovens
Wansa ovens come equipped with elegant double glass oven doors that provide an excellent view inside the oven while ensuring that the heat is trapped in leaving external surroundings cool. The heat retention caused by the double glass doors ensures optimum energy efficiency.

Cookers User Tips

  • Resist the temptation to open the oven door to check on food while it’s cooking. Each time you open it, 25% of the oven’s heat is wasted.
  • Steam foods instead of boiling. Not only does it save energy, it's healthier.
  • Use a lid ... saucepans with their lids on heat much quicker, using less energy to cook food.
  • Be sure that the pan fits the burner. You'll use much less energy than you would with a mismatched burner & pan.
  • Turn your stove down to a simmer as soon as food or water begins to boil. This setting maintains cooking temperature & cooks food more evenly saving energy.

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